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If you liked the original AM-300, You're gonna Love AM-5000

AM-5000 Energy & Weight Loss Solution is a serious energy weight loss formula... If you're serious about either losing or maintaining weight, feeling great and having sustained, uplifting energy to live your life to it's fullest, the AM-5000 weight loss solution is perfect for you.

The AM-5000 brings together everything you desire in one powerful serving. Look good and feel great and have all the energy you'll ever want or need, day or night.

Proprietary Blend of Ingredients in AM-5000

*Garcinia Extract (fruit) *Caffeine (extracted from natural sources) *Kelp *Chocomine (seed)*Green Tea Extract (aerial part)*Guarana Extract (seed) *Schizandra Extract (seed) *Vanadium (as Vanadium Citrate)*L-Tyrosine 

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The active ingredients in the AM-5000 Energy and Weight Loss Solution deliver natural sourced results that support the loss of unwanted weight and reduce you appetite without leaving you hungry while giving you all the energy you want, whenever you need it.

AM-5000 Secret Ingredients

AM-5000 contains a combination of naturally sourced ingredients that interact within the AM-5000 exclusive formula. Stated simply, it's the complex interaction of these naturally sourced ingredients, not perfected until recently, that allows for energy and weight management in one single product. You must experience for yourself this gentle, yet extremely potent energy boost. This superior ingredient interaction is an energy source that is unlike anything you have ever seen and has never been available commercially until now. Combine AM-5000 with a healthy diet and exercise to achieve optimal results.

If you LIKED  the original AM-300...

You're gonna LOVE the new AM-5000

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What to Expect from AM-5000

  • Supports an increase in energy and focus

  • Supports improved vitality and endurance

  • Supports the loss of unwanted pounds

  • Supports a reduction in cravings for fat-inducing sweets

  • Supports a naturally elevated mood

  • Supports appetite suppression

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, adults, take one or two caplets once or twice daily, mid-morning and/or mid afternoon as desired, thirty minutes before meals. Adjust usage to your personal preferences or as directed by a health professional. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED SERVING.

Attention Warning

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